If I were to boil this Blog down to its essence, it would be about one word: Connection. And if I were to boil myself down to one word…yes, it would be a Connector.

When I speak about connection, I mean connection with myself, with others and with life itself, which I usually refer to as God.

I have spent over half of my life learning how to connect while helping others to do the same.

Why? Because when we truly connect, we transform our experience of own lives, we feel alive, we have a positive impact on others and in consequence, our environment changes for the better.

Life is constantly giving us opportunities to connect or disconnect, and my God it’s hard to connect when it’s an effort, and a lot of the time it is so much easier to numb out in our disconnection. I have done a lot of research into numbing out methods: drugs, alcohol, spending lots of money, having crazy sex, being busy with 16 projects on the go at any one time…the list goes on.

But here’s the issue: if you don’t eventually physically die from all that abuse – and I came close a couple of times – you will certainly die to your experience of living life fully. And that’s a bloody tragedy.

So, please use this Blog to ‘plug in’, and wake up through your connections with yourself, others, and life itself. I invite you to share with me in this tiny amount of time we have on this planet, the journey of this gift we call Life.

And you might just learn a few things along the way… now, what’s not to like?

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