Many moons ago, when I was working towards my dream of becoming a television presenter, I came across an article written by one of my many inspiring and inspirited role models, Oprah Winfrey.  She simply said, Be your own best self.

I cut that slip of paper out of the magazine it was in and kept it on my desk for a very long time, until it had almost faded.  The sentiment however, stayed strong.

If I was to sum up my impetus and purpose for facilitating and coaching the many thousands of people I have had the privilege to work with over past 26 years, it is to help others become aware of the limited state of the ego, which essentially thrives on fear, and discover the courage to access and live out of one’s best self, which is essentially love.  Simple really, but not easy.  Which is why I have written the book and launched this Blog, so that you can be reminded of  both the greatness of who you are, whilst having a method to deal with the very human foibles that we all possess and that keep us blinded from that greatness.  

We are so much more than we think we are, than we allow ourselves to be.  Our minds are fearful, of our successes, our failures, of what people will think, and how they’ll react.  We are caught in a net that we don’t often see.

The first step then is awareness – begin to shine the spotlight on your inner machinations and you are half way there to changing your experience on the outside by changing it on the inside. 

Live your own best self; no one else’s, but yours.