Sahera ChohanThrough some tough experiences in my life, I have been inspired to spend the last 27 years dedicated to my own learning and development, and to helping others evolve and grow in their own lives through my work as a writer, facilitator, speaker and coach.  

In my work as an associate trainer and coach for The More to Life Foundation, I have had the privilege of facilitating many people to transform the quality of their experience of life.  Alongside this I have a private life coaching practice and run workshops on a range of life skills for relationships, building self-esteem and confidence, and visioning life with true purpose and intention. 

I am a friend to many, and a loving daughter to a once resented father.  I met my brother for the first time at our mother’s funeral when I was 21.  Thirteen years later, I lost my husband Nigel to suicide.  This has been one of my biggest life lessons and has in large part inspired me to write my book, Life Lessons ~ Through the Grit to the Pearl, to show how even the most devastating of experiences can bring a richness of life you may not even suspect is available to you.  

Previously I was a broadcaster for the BBC, presenting a variety of network television and radio shows alongside running my own TV production company. Practicing the tools I write about in Life Lessons, I went from being a chauffeur for the BBC to hosting three television shows which ran concurrently and having my own chauffeur to boot!

My values and intentions are to to be loving, even when it’s hard to be.  To walk in another’s shoes when I judge them.  To listen well, to others and to that deep small voice within.  To tell the truth, especially when I don’t want to.  To take more risks, by increasing faith and decreasing fear, and to stretch out of what is familiar, safe and known by trusting more.  And to be light and not take it all so bloody seriously.  

In my book, I emphasise the fact that life in all its forms is a gift. This may be a tough one to swallow, but every single experience we have, whether we like it or not, is precisely designed for our learning, growth and evolution.  When you really get this, you can begin to live your life from a state of power and vitality, and yes, happiness.    

Through this Blog, my hope is that you will be inspired and encouraged to live your life in joy, love and authentic connection.