When I’m confused about something and not sure what action to take, or when I find myself trying to control or manipulate a situation to suit me and what I want, I practice handing it over…to something other than myself, that I refer to as a Higher Power. 

By definition, this is something greater than my mind and my ego-thinking which has often got me into trouble, because its nature is self-centred and generally all about me.

When I acknowledge that there is something more powerful than me, that I can hand things over to, such as problems, fears, anxieties and decisions I’m not clear about, I immediately get a sense of peace and ease and not only that, but often a quick solution will present itself.  Sometimes the answer takes a little time, but in my experience, it always comes, when I hand the problem over to my Higher Power, instead of it going round and round in my head. 

You don’t need to know what this Higher Power is…some people call it God, some a Universal Intelligence, some simply, Life.  All you need is a willingness to believe there is something other than you!  And that maybe it has your best interests at heart.  More than you do yourself.  And that maybe it gives you what you need, rather than what you want.  Because in my experience, what I want isn’t always good for me!

I hand a lot of things over to my Higher Power, such as negative or uncomfortable emotions, like fear, anger or intolerance of others.  I simply ask for help to get me through them, or to remove them.  I kid you not, it works every time – I always feel a little lighter, like something has been lifted.

I hand my confusion over when I’m unclear as to what the right course of action is and I hand the situation itself over.

I hand people over, particularly when I’m having a hard time with them, or am upset by their behaviour, and nothing I do changes them.  I simply hand that person and our relationship over to my Higher Power.  Every time I’ve done that, I’ve calmed down about the situation, and often the situation changes for the better.  

I hand work decisions over.  It works every time – instead of me trying to figure it all out, when I really don’t know what to do, I hand it over!  Sooner or later the answer comes, sometimes the decision is made for me, sometimes I just know how to proceed. 

Patience is key when handing it over.  Once you’ve handed it over, try to resist the temptation to get back in there and meddle by trying to figure it out or taking impulsive actions because you just can’t leave it alone.  This is where trust comes in…patience and trust.  Trust that once you’ve handed it over, it will be sorted, one way or another, and often times in a way you least expect. 


Think of something going on in your life today that you are fretting about.  It doesn’t have to be a major situation; it could be something you are trying to figure out, perhaps to do with work or family. It could be something you are frustrated or angry about, such as a relationship problem or a situation at work you have no control over, but don’t like.  Take one thing for now and when you’re ready, sit quietly for a few moments.  Take some deep breaths, and close your eyes if it helps.  Without needing to know what your Higher Power looks like, just be willing to connect with your concept of that Power.  Remember, it’s not your ego-mind; call it God, Life, Love, Nature, whatever works for you.  Once you’ve connected, go ahead and hand the situation over.  It might help you to say out loud, “I hand… over to you”; whatever or whoever it is, hand over the whole situation, including the person or people involved to your Higher Power.  And most importantly do not take it back.  Remember – patience and trust.  Don’t try and figure out what you’re going to do about it as soon as you’ve handed it over.  Let it go and get on with your day.  If you find yourself fretting or trying to figure it out, let go and hand it over again.  You can do this several times a day.  We often tell ourselves we need to know now!  Ask yourself if you really need the answer this second.  More often than not, you don’t.  So give God a chance!  In my experience, my Higher Power is a quick worker and guides me to a solution that is way better than I would have come up with left to my own devices. 

Take it from the great Stevie Wonder, who puts it quite simply in the following song, Have A Talk With God