“All day long the thoughts that occupy your mind, your Secret Place, as Jesus calls it, are moulding your destiny for good or evil; in fact, the truth is that the whole of our life’s experience is but the outer expression of inner thought.” Emmet Fox
I am sure you have heard of the Law of Attraction; it’s not a new concept. In fact, Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi and other great thinkers of our time acknowledged the power of the mind in creating our experience of life.

However, there is one point where I diverge from some of the modern theories of the Law of Attraction and that is this: I don’t believe that you can have anything and everything you want, when you want it.  If it’s not good for you in the highest scheme of things, if it’s not meant to be, it won’t come to you easily, or if it does, it’s unlikely to stay. 

I am not saying don’t have your wants, goals and vision.  Absolutely not. Your dreams are what you create from.  And we are creative beings.  But here’s the key…we do not create alone.  We co-create.  With a life-force energy, a universal power, which I call God.  Here’s a thought – maybe, just maybe, that power may hold an even bigger vision for you and your life than you do.  A dear friend of mine once said, “You’ve got your eyes fixed on that little mini, but God wants you to turn your head to see the Lamborghini He has for you”.  Not that I have anything against Minis, but you get the idea.

Before I knew this, I thought it was all down to me. Let’s take the example of wanting a relationship. Some time after my late husband died, I began my search for a partner. You see, I thought I was ready. Not only that, but my biological clock was ticking fast, and I didn’t have much time to wait. So I joined dating sites, enrolled on various workshops on how to attract a mate, did vision boards, wrote my list of the qualities I wanted and by when. I did affirmations, I chanted and I even consulted Vedic astrologists and numerologists to try and figure out the right alignments of the planets to better my chances of meeting someone! And yes, I visualised. Lots of times. And guess what? I attracted men, yes, but a life partner? No. Why? Because even though I thought I was ready, I wasn’t! Not only did I need to heal more than I thought from my late husband’s death, I was also looking for that relationship to fix me, to make me feel wanted, loveable and whole.  On top of all that, I was looking for a father for a longed for baby.  Attractive to a man?  Ingredients for a healthy relationship? I think not. 

Consider this: even if I was ready, the person who would have been right for me might not have been ready himself! You see, it’s not just about me.  Or you.  It is about him, or her, and their path too.  It’s about timing; you could say this is where synchronicity plays a part.  And ultimately, I offer this possibility to you: there is a Universal Intelligence that plays the biggest part, orchestrating it all.  We alone are not in charge. Again, I’m not saying don’t have your goals and intentions, and I do suggest you clear any blocks and saboteurs to your success; in fact I encourage that. What I am saying is the simple truth of this lesson, which is that serenity and peace are at hand when you remember that if you don’t get what you want at the time you want it, it’s likely because it’s not for your highest good, or anyone else’s for that matter.

Life literally gives us feedback when it’s time to stop, start or continue with manifesting our intentions.  Our job is to listen to that guidance and not get caught in the trap of trying harder and harder and pushing upstream to get our own way. Life will win that battle, hands down.

You will get what you are meant to have, when you are meant to have it. I truly believe this. Work with the laws of the Universe and remember not to get too attached to your goals. Strong intention, mixed with non-attachment to that intention, is the secret to your success.


Sit comfortably in silence. Take some deep breaths, and out loud, ask for your intention to manifest. Visualise it as if it has already occurred – give the pictures as much detail as you can. Feel how you would feel living this intention and having it in your life. Don’t rush it. Finally, you can say something like this: “may this or something better come to me now, for my highest good and the highest good of all”.

Trust in and work with the laws of the Universe and practice co-creating. Enjoy!

Image by Billsabub – “Impermanence” via deviantart.com