October 24th  2014 Talk Testimonials


‘’Sahera is a fab speaker who truly connects with her audience.’’  Lynette E.

‘’Thank you Sahera.  This helped me a great deal, in that the best way out is through.’’ – Claire H.

’A very connecting evening – interactive, real, engrossing and enjoyable but also food for thought. Thank you!’’  Letitia B.

 ‘’Very connecting!  Great to have the space and encouragement to connect with myself and others and to be reminded of the true gifts of connection.’’ Caroline H.

‘’Very pertinent, beautifully presented – you are easy to look at, listen to and connect with’’ Mari J.G.

 ‘’Very thought-provoking and interactive. Sahera has great energy and is a pleasure to listen to.’’ Tony P.

‘’Sahera’s warmth, humour and knowledge felt inviting and inclusive.’’  Jenny H.

’I was reminded of probably the most important thing in life, self-connection.’’  Michelle J.

‘’I very much enjoyed all of the evening talk, which was helpful and thought provoking’’ – Lara P.

‘’Fantastic warm delivery. Focussing on the little things we can do to connect with others was a valuable lesson.’’ – Martha S.

‘’A lovely, engaging talk, full of sensitivity and openness. Thoughtful and provoking, offering me the chance to reach into my heart’’ Deb H.



January 12th 2015 Talk Testimonials


‘’Sahera explained and introduced the topics and exercises very clearly and offered her own experiences as examples which I found

allowed me to then consider my own and to be more comfortable in being vulnerable and open” Deborah   

‘’Really reflective evening, thought provoking and a real sense of taking away helpful and peaceful thoughts.’’– Alison D.

‘’Thank you for a very helpful exercise. It made me realise my mistakes, you should share them with more people.’’- Valerie L.

‘’Sahera’s Talk  restored me to my favourite version of myself.’’  Janet J.

’Seriously impressive. Sahera is a natural communicator.’’ Bid H. 

‘’Authentic and connecting.’’ Kate B. 

 “Sahera was so fully engaged with her subject and displayed the right balance of honesty, her story and practical solutions.  It was one of the best events I’ve been to all year’’ Katherine L.