If I were to boil this Blog down to its essence, it would be about one word: Connection.

By Connection, I mean connection with oneself, with others and with life itself.
Why?  Because when we truly connect, we transform our experience of life: we feel more alive, vital, impassioned and, without necessarily trying, we have a positive impact on others and in consequence our environment changes for the better.

As one of my teachers used to say, “Yes, but how?”  You may be asking the same question.  Well, that’s where courage comes in.  Life is constantly giving us opportunities to connect or disconnect, but it’s not always easy or comfortable to stay connected.  A lot of the time it’s far easier to numb out: drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, eating, being busy with 16 projects on the go at any one time…the list of tactics for distracting and numbing out goes on.  And yes, I’ve done my share.  

But here’s the issue: if you disconnect from pain, because you’re too afraid to feel it, or you disconnect from others because you resent them, or you disconnect from life because you’re just plain fed up with the struggle of living it, then you disconnect from all the good stuff too!  The joy, the vitality, the passion, the creativity, the amazing experience of living your life fully.  And that’s a tragedy.

This Blog will help you to find your courage to connect; with others, with life, with God – whatever you choose to call that Power greater than us – and with yourself, and to stay connected when all you want to do is run, dive under the duvet and hide. 

I invite you to share this journey with me, and you might just learn a few things along the way… now, what’s not to like?